Hello again!

hop to it!

Alright, here we go with take two!  Bear with me while I figure this thing out… and stay tuned for lots of updates on the progress we make with Alewyfe Farm, our little urban cabin and freehold, about gardening, cooking, soaping, crafting, biking, brewing, thoughtful stewing, sweetness and salt in the wounds, and all the other trials that accompany an earnest handmade life.  I’ve brought this back, with a new name.  I was never really happy with “The Urban Pioneers” as a concept… while plenty of folks have said that we’re pioneers for doing the things that we do and mostly for living where we’re living, that both ignores all the folks who have done much with little before, and marginalizes all the neighbors who have lived in our community for far longer than we.  We’re just trying to coexist in our little corner of the world, learn and teach as we go, to cultivate tolerance in ourselves and others as we cultivate our gardens, and hope that we can all thrive in the intersection of cultures we inhabit.  Thanks for listening!  Here we go…

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