Cabin Fever Celebration

Yes, that's a Plant shirt on that scarecrow. Happy fall!

Hello Friends: Save the Date!
Sat. Sept. 24th, 5:30 onwards

Soo… some of you probably know that we have {had} a dual cause for said celebration. I’m turning (ack!) thirty, and we bought a house (or to quote a recent Reader blurb, we bought “a yard with a house attached”) just down the street from our studio and “The Factory Farm” garden!!! We call it the cabin, because in it’s present state, especially with nighttime temps almost cool enough to fire up the woodstove, it is a very raw blank brick slate that could transport you to the Maine woods; until the illusion is broken, freight trains rumbling across the street and sirens in the distance remind you that you’re still solidly on the West Side. Before we commence extensive renovations on our little home in the ‘hood, we’re having a folky fiesta, and you are all invited!

Al Scorch and company will entertain with old-timey banjo punk on the back porch, and we will supply a big backyard, (some) beer and other beverages, side salads, pretzel buns aplenty and a hot grill. Bring yourself, a smile, something to share food/drink-wise, musical instruments, children or other kinfolk, hound and other dogs, pig parts, portabellos, and other potluck items, picnic chairs, or anything else you deem appropriate for a real west-side hoedown hootenanny!

If you can RezVip that would be helpful for planning purposes… hope to see {that we saw} you there… Cheers!

Backyard before the bees, gardens, chickens, etc...

spoooky cottonwood tree

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