Tired Ghostly Town

Album art by Damara Kaminecki



Shameless plug for a friend- go listen to this now. Try it, you like it, you buy it. Yes, you will… if you have a soul, and a hankering for “country bluegrass folk punk” as this has been described (and who here doesn’t?). There are previews of a few full songs (Working Dream is my favorite) on his site: http://www.alscorch.com/

Unfortunately looks like it’s not yet available online (word is, sit on your hands till March or get thee to a show), but we have a handful of copies of cds to distribute, locally or perhaps paypal payment and shipping could be arranged- email me if you need one, $10 (plus shipping if necessary), all of which goes back to the band! If you come over to pick it up, it comes with a free beer or three. Such a deal! Al’s on tour in Ireland and England currently, but will be back home in mid- February… come home soon, son, and come on over! Bring Chris! I’ll make biscuits! We’ll all drink beer! It’ll be grand!

You can buy a 7″ vinyl earlier release that comes with a free live album-length download of some of these, and other songs, hhere… haven’t listened to this yet, but it’s on my wish list. 🙂

Backyard bonfire banjo-drum jam at Brew not Bombs IV, vocals by Al, Chris, Daniel, and Everybody. Photo credit to whomever took this amazing picture.

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