the fame game

Ok, well only a little brush with media… We’re on the radio! To be sure, there are camera crews coming through The Plant all the time, but I’m a radio kind of girl… we don’t own a TV (actually, we do, but it predates the digital broadcast age and is tucked away under a slipcover… it gets used perhaps every second month as a media player if we’re in the mood for a movie); the radio is almost always on in our house. I like the background noise, and appreciate that I can still be very productive while finding out what’s going on in the world (it’s pledge week, oh no!). The flickering screen of a tv is both mesmerizing and paralyzing; radio is passive, an amiable companion which chatters or sings but does not ply your undivided immobile attention… and as I once said to a friend to explain why I preferred it over tv, “it lets you make your own mind pictures.”

Blake, Tim, and I were guests last Sunday on the Mike Nowak show, a local talk program about gardening and sustainability. Mike has been a long and loyal advocate for the Chicagoland greening community, and we were honored to appear on his show. I was a little nervous beforehand, but really enjoyed the conversation- Mike’s a pro, and I relaxed as soon as we were in the studio. Check out the podcast here:

I agreed to come in for the interview (in spite of my usual stage-fright) after reading Mike’s partner’s blog- this woman is an inspiration- a fantastic writer, feminist role-model, community gardener and neighborhood advocate. Maybe someday I’ll be our block’s “Booklady”- among her many contributions to her neighborhood, she buys kid’s books from thrift stores and gives them out to the children on her block:
Right on!

In other news, the chickens have figured out their waterer, and luckily Goldie is not as big and clumsy as the other three and the waterer in her little coop stays pretty clean. My seed flats are washed and filled with organic soil mix and ready to plant- today I’ll start the early cold-hardy crops- brassicas, parsley and other slow-growing herbs, the alpine strawberry seeds I’ve been cold-stratifying in the fridge, and the first round of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant. I’m starting lots, for the Factory Farm, our backyard bed, some to sell at the Green and Growing fair in April (still need to reserve my table!), and any extras will get used at The Plant or given to neighbors. I’m making a big pot of split pea soup with ham shank and green peppers to can, and filing my taxes today… and then working on the house when Alefellow gets home this evening- moving the giant stack of garden implements from the kitchen to the basement, cutting and stacking wood in the shed which we moved across the yard to its proper place near the porch, setting aside enough logs for the oyster and shitake spawn plugs chillin’ in the fridge, finishing the fence around the chicken run… so many projects! I won’t get them all done today but I’ll make a solid effort to do as much as I can.

I made a batch of Biker Bath Salts (an invigorating tired muscle soak with epsom and sea salts, rosemary, lemon balm, oatmeal, orange peel, and essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, wintergreen, lemongrass, lavender, black spruce, and himalayan cederwood) last night for the Bike Swap this Saturday, and am making Biker Body Balm today with beeswax, cocoa butter, organic olive oil, orange and coriander essential oils and other moisturizing skin-nourishing yummies. I’m putting my Vicount on the block in the bike corral, and need to touch up the shellac on the bars, find the “death fork” that we replaced to include with it for completeness (would make a nice lamp base, methinks), and shine up the wheelset- I could use the money more than I need a road bike wall-hanger… I do love that bike (I used to call her my 19 pound girlfriend- light, fun, and fast), but a touring bike would be a much more practical third bike to own for my lifestyle these days, or more realistically, a serviceable leather saddle for my city/trailer bike would make my commute a lot more comfortable… we’ll see what the other bike swappers have to offer- I’m looking forward to this event!

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