juicy mornings

Start with this (plus a shriveled blood orange not pictured, which I bought in Arkansas at the end of December and has valiantly and ever less brightly garnished the fruit bowl ever since):

One wooden spoon, two glass measuring cups, and two pulpy small strainers later, get this. Sample first before handing sweetheart his glass,

The auto-start function on the coffee pot that came with our house (thank you neighbors, for leaving it when you moved) is a GLORIOUS thing. 7 am, and you wake to the gentle perk and steam of coffee, being made by magic, while you still sleep, snug in your warm things and thick covers. It is cold in the house, though you aired it out the night before with freakishly warm gusts- 30-45 mi/hr gusts are sending chip wrappers and plastic bags and clouds of fine grit through the air with surprising force, but you welcome the warmth along with the first crocuses, sun-yellow ones, this morning. It is early March, but feels like May. Plant peas!

The chickens are fed, no early eggs but you’ll check for them later. The list is made, the reading done, and now off to tackle each little thing, one by one.

Starting with this.

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