nanny state blues

There was a long-winded rant here for a minute, but I’m really trying to be less negative these days… so we’re going to accentuate the positive for now.

On the upside of all the tumultuous goings-on now … we have a dog now… so it’s not all bad. No one else could take her or wanted her, so it was us or the pound. Aaannnd… she’s a rottie, which half our neighbors already think we have since I walk our neighbor’s from time to time… And now we do! She’s sweet, but not well-trained or very housebroken (and a crate-houdini, apparently, till we figured out how to keep the wire sides secure)… we’re doing groundwork and crate-training now and establishing pack structure a-la Leerburg… poor pup- daddy’s in the pen, and now it’s reform school for you! Not sure how long we’ll get to keep her, but for now I’m enjoying her company. Welcome, Bella! She came with me today to meet the coordinator of a community garden in the neighborhood where we’ll have a bed or two this year, along with our buddies from Patchwork Farms. Thanks, Safer Foundation! There are so many community gardens popping up in our neighborhood… it’s fantastic to see. Now that’s change I can believe in! The kale, broccoli, leeks, and other seed babies are poking their heads up upstairs under lights…. so we should have plenty of greens to go around. I’m planning to donate or share a lot of the stuff we plant in the community beds- kale for everyone!

Oh yeah, and did I mention that it’s EIGHTY DEGREES in CHICAGO in MARCH? What am I doing inside? I’ll catch you cats later- my bike awaits, and then some wholesome gardening goodness. Cheers!

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