spring peepers

That ameraucana in front has attitude. Atta girl!

Happy Easter everyone! We just picked up our first chicks- two Ameraucanas (Easter Eggers… how fitting!), a Golden Laced Wyandotte, a California White Leghorn (will be white with black polka dots and lay large white eggs like a mo-fo), and a Red Star… ditto like the Leghorn but brown eggs. Should give us a nice balance between beautiful birds and fancy-pants eggs, and feed conversion and consistent laying. They’re living in a rubbermaid tote repurposed as a brooder on top of our bathtub… the only room with a door for dog-excluding and heat-retention. You can hear their tiny “peeppeeppeep”‘s through the closed door- super cute, and probably dog torture as her crate is in the kitchen… but she’s got to get over her chicken obsession one way or another…

Ok, a fish fry awaits at a friend’s house… time to wrap things up here!

2 thoughts on “spring peepers

  1. ChicagoDucks

    Congrats. Those are good looking chicks. We have 1 3week old duckling and 13 eggs in the ‘bator. Here’s to good health in the brooder!

  2. SaraC

    You’ll love your Ameraucana eggs! I rescued three hens from an organic farm that was getting ready to purge their flock. I have have an Ameraucana, a Barred Rock, and a Buff Orpington. Not to be outdone by the Ameraucana, the buff lays pink eggs.


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