The kettle (almost) runneth over…

The fellow made a big ole batch of hopefully-sessionable summer pale ale on Sunday… and caught the long sparge just before it overflowed the pot. Whoops! Had to take a bit of that out to boil it, but we canned the rest in big jars for future yeast starters (time, plus one stir plate, one mini-carboy or Erlenmeyer flask, one packet of yeast, plus pre-canned wort means just one ‘spensive yeast smack-pack can pitch a big batch of beer). This one was a fridge-space maker… we just downsized a full-size commercial fridge from the studio, and the bale o’ hops bag was taking up lots of space in the *food* fridge. Most of those, bulk-wise, were the Zeus hops we harvested from the garden last fall, as they’re whole cones and not processed/compressed pellets like most of the “boughten” hops. So, into the kettle they went, along with several types of aforementioned hop/rabbit pellets (get it? Hop? rabbit? Oh dear). Looking forward to a hoppy beer in a month or so! It’s been pretty heavy on the heavy belgians and stouts for a while in the rotation… craving something light and palate-cleansing. This should do it!

Dog-date… Bella spent her first night at the studio with us last night, and it did not go so well. We don’t have a crate for her here, and she spent the night trying to claw above the doorknob (apparently she succeeded in opening a doorknob once or twice, and has not forgotten the sweet spot in the door is ABOVE the knob, not at the floor). That meant the towel/apron rack hanging on the door was in a heap in the morning… sigh. I’m hoping to hear back from a craigslist lead on a plastic crate for a backup studio dog-condo plus future dog-trailer conversion (I don’t think the doggyride trailer I bought before we got her is going to cut it- she’s a big girl, and needs a big girl trailer- an airline crate and a Bikes at Work trailer, most likely. The fellah has one of their old-model trailers, but it’s the 8ft version which is not so practical for smaller jobs- I’m savin’ my pennies for the wide 6ft model that you can make smaller by removing a segment… good for soap fairs and general hauling too, up to 300#’s!). The trailer bike is currently out of commission, as I snapped a spoke on Friday while locked to the cart-corral at the grocery store (this store doesn’t have bike racks, boo). Not sure if it was the 35 mi/hr winds, an errant cart pusher, or a car-love-tap, but I locked my wheel and frame to the pipe, and when I came out, one spoke was sheared off at the rim. I was able to ride it home, but that wheel needs serious TLC that I’m not qualified to give it before it goes anywhere else… doh. Cheaper than gas… cheaper than gas… in the meantime, I’ll be stealing the front wheel off the Peugeot, as I’ll need the trailer on Saturday to haul my wares to the Green and Growing Fair at the Garfield Park Conservatory, and hopefully to go fetch a second dog crate from Bucktown. *fingers crossed*

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