Hoo Boy!

Updates coming soon… we’ve been busy bees lately, with rain-collection apparatus construction (the barrels have been joined by a 275 gal. tote on the porch and a 500 gal tank out back, which filled in less than 48 hours off ONE HALF of our roof.  That’s a lotsa water!), general rehab work, tending to four healthy and one sick chickie-teens (she’s almost ready to rejoin her sisters, but she had us worried there for a minute!), trying to keep the dog from obsessing too much over said chickies (which she thinks are the best things ever invented and has proven that she prefers them to popsicles… luckily only for licking but boy, did that give us a scare)!  It’s a short story, but one I don’t have time to tell just yet.  But soon, dear friends, I will sit and fill you in!  Soon.  Right now I’ve got 80 chicks to broker (a friend works for a suburban school district and has a district-worth of kindergarden life-lessons to re-home)… email me if you want straight-run, week and a half old leghorn babes and can pick them up- he’ll be dropping them off to us on Monday… luckily not all of them, as we’ve found farm homes for many already.  Then home to take pictures of the tree that needs trimming, mulch to wrangle, mushroom logs to drill and innoculate, a dog that needs 95#’s of love and walkies, coops to carry, fence to finish, brush to chip, plants to plant, and two teensy patches of lawn out front to attack with the trusty reel-mower.  I’m covering those suckers with mulch and plants as soon as I can get some to show up here…

And tomorrow, volunteers and interns will join me to redistribute Mt. Compost into orderly raised beds down at The Plant… stop by between 10-5ish if you’d like to help, and bring tools if you have ’em!  We got 32.5 yards delivered today, and can’t wait to turn that pile into plantable beds!  Pictures coming soon, promise.


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