oh my mayo

Ever wonder what about 45 or so pounds of potato salad looks like? Kinda like that. For reference… that bowl is about 3 feet in diameter. I really had to fight the urge to climb in and roll around for a bit… I love potato salad. I really do.

Mixing and scooping that will give you buff forearms, lemme tellya.

Seven half-pans worth, heaping…

And the start of two pasta salads… 16 boxes of pasta, two ways- creamy and vinaigrette. Another 14 half-pans. Two very full fridges worth of foods… and one very pooped chef-farmer. Though I think I’m going to revert back to my original half-jest job title of Food Czarina, at least for tomorrow…

Oh, and four pork shoulders slow roasting, half-pulled, half to-be-pulled in the morning… nom nom nom nosh.

Bring it, open house! Oh yeah, if you’re in Chicago you should definitely be at The Plant Open House, 12-5 tomorrow!

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    1. alewyfe Post author

      Oh, man… thanks! And my post explains why I haven’t gotten back on ya for that… so glad to hear your good goat luck with Peaches!


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