This Is Only a Test

So, it’s been REAL quiet around here lately… I know.  I know.  Our slumlord landlady at our studio decided that internet would no longer be an amenity of our building, as some people downloaded too much and then others complained about it and really, she’s just horribly cheap… and she gave us two days notice before shutting it off. I’m trying to keep up with email from work three or four days a week, and we’re still deciding what we’re doing about the whole connectivity thing otherwise… suggestions welcomed, cheap preferred.  We don’t have cable or a phone line at the house (will never have the former, may get the latter if one of us gives up our cells in the future…).  I liked having the house ‘net free, as it was easier to write and focus on other things there, but that’s probably where we’ll end up plugging in…

Lots of updates, lots to write about, but instead… here’s a picture of an egg wearing a hat.  Yes, it came that way, plucked from the nest box with a pale fluff of feather stuck to the pointed end, like a coquette in a rakish cap.  Thanks chicken.  I needed that.  It’s hellishly hot and I am a cranky, cranky girl… but not too cranky to appreciate this. 

Nooo! Data cable is at home… we’ll try that again tomorrow, ok?


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