Hens across America!

We can do it! It’s not just a hobby… It’s our patriotic duty.

Lay laydees lay… we’re over that number, but we’ve got only one laying right now. One of the old maid Marans started molting and we’re still waiting on our first pullet eggs… any day now! We’re taking in our friends flock of three this weekend- they’re moving to a new apartment with a non-chicken friendly landlord. We’re bummed for them, but stoked to have full egg cartons again… and when the teenagers start kickin’ em out, its custard and quiche every day, folks! I can’t wait. Dr. Crowsby the roosteroo is still with us, as he’s making slightly less noise than the roofers working two houses down, and the chihuahua next door and other little yippy dogs across the street. I’ve asked the neighbors to let us know if he’s a problem and no one seems to mind… so far. He’s a funny technicolor scrapper guy, and I like having him around, but I know his run with us may be short… we’ll see how it goes. Speaking of goes… I gotta!

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