Open Studios, coming soon!

All you local readers… we’re going to start a regular series of events starting next month, probably the first and third Sunday afternoons of each month, though that’s still being finalized. We’re trying to clear out the studio in anticipation of eventually having to fit all that stuff into the house… so think of it as a regular market, an estate sale, and a beer-drinkin’, coffee swillin’, snackin’ affair. We’ll have soap, local honey, dry herbal teas from the garden, and all manner of various and assorted sundries on offer. We might even have some fundraiser dinners and bbq’s as an afterparty over at the cabin… winter’s coming, and we need insulation! Tuckpointing! A new roof! Walls! Floors! Goats! (just… kidding. har.har.har.) I know, crazy. We’ll also be offering classes soon- canning, brewing, soap making, food storage, chickens 101, mushroom log culture, rainwater harvesting… what do you all want to learn? Let us know!

We also have MOUNTAINS of mulch- a couple truckloads of donated woodchips to spread at the Factory Farm studio garden and at the house… and at least four apple trees to plant! I love mulch, and mulching… but I am only one girl. Lend me your legs and your shovels (and the rest of you) for an afternoon, and I will feed you and quench your thirst with beer! If you want to help, let me know and we’ll find a time… Mondays and Wednesdays are usually good ones. Or, if you’re more into building things, a friend and I will be enclosing the back porch with polycarbonate panels and reused windows to make a greenhouse of sorts… let me know if that’s more your speed, or something like it!

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