double trouble

Bella and Harley had a playdate. I don’t get to see much of my old pal Harley since her papa moved out of the ‘hood, but he brought her over a while ago for a visit. So much rott racing and romping… I wasn’t sure if our backyard could contain it.

Instant pals… yeah, I know. They’re blurry. It was dark, and they were alll wiggle-butts…

Lots of kisses… or are they sharing secrets?

and for the finale, Team Digging! Man did they get down… Harley “helped” me dig one of the holes for our two apple trees in the backyard last fall, and one of Bella’s fave games is to dig a hole, pretend to hide a bone in it, then run off and hide the bone somewhere else. I can tell you their combined paw powers far surpassed either’s solo skills. Good thing we don’t really have a lawn or care about our grass/weed/mulch scape.

There was one moment of drama when Harley disappeared inside, and reappeared… carrying Bella’s GIANT bone that she’d snatched from her crate. Harley just stood there looking at her sheepishly, head cocked with a goofy grin, looking as innocent as possible while holding the purloined beef femur. I’ve never heard Bella growl so deeply… and luckily Harley thought better of her prank and promptly gave the bone back, which Bella proceeded to knaw, reclaiming her prize. We took it away from both of ’em lest any further fits of jealousy be sparked… and a good time was had by all!

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