studio redux

The first Open Studio was a success, and we’ll definitely be doing it again next month! We somehow forgot that it was a holiday weekend until we’d scheduled, but plenty of folks came out anyway. We sold and exchanged some goods and goodies, made some new friends, and perhaps most importantly, made huge headway in creating order from chaos at both the studio and the cabin. We’ll be bringing more treasures from the house to the studio and doubling down next month… so stay tuned! And let us know if you’d like to stop by before then for a sneak-peak or pre-sale options. 🙂

Otherwise, we spent our Labor Day labors focusing on the house project with renewed vigor- the fellow made massive inroads on the organization and stuff-purging fronts in preparation for rehanging the insulation in the first floor ceiling, and I got 3/4’s of the front door trim stripped of 110 years worth of paint layers. The Silent Paint Remover is my new favorite toy- that, plus a good coating of citrus stripper gel, has revealed that we have decent looking wood trim with detailing that was hidden under a centimeter or so of paint-crud. Win! Wrapped that up in time for nightfall and the arrival of a couple friends to grill some dogs and sausages, chitchat, entertain the wee-one (our friend’s dino-obsessed 7 year old) and enjoy some birthday cake (now, with Zucchini!) and ice cream in our buddies honor. Good times.

It finally rained at about 4 this morning, after being oppressively muggy and overcast for two days (yesterday was gorgeous though, while still hot). Last weekend we filled up almost 800 gallons in the rain tanks off of one half of the roof during Sunday’s all day drizzle and downpour… haven’t checked the level in the big tank this morning but should be enough to get the garden through till the next fill. How’s your early fall garden doing? We’re finally getting tomatoes, and endless eggplant… time to start planting fall and winter greens and other goodies!

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