Dark and Quickly

photo by Dennis Calvert

photo by Dennis Calvert

Already early December, and while the days are spinning by, the light is short and the nights fall so quickly, outside it passes for an eerie October day. Sixty-six degrees and damp, waking to dense fog and drizzle in lieu of frozen ground and flurries… we’ve been having the oddest spell of weather lately. I’m not complaining, but it is a little strange! As the old year winds down, we’re trying to get everything squared away for the next, tie up old projects and loose ends, tuck in the garden, plant the last of the spring bulbs, winterize the chicken waterers, stack high the woodpile, and batten down the hatches for whatever this winter has hidden up its parka sleeve.

Our first open studio joint effort was a smashing success yesterday- thanks to those of you who made it out! The Alewyfe studio was joined by Adela Red and The Finder Things, and by some visitors to the New Capital gallery’s 25 Days/24 Hours programming. We had a blast, too much coffee, and made a little bit more headway on the never-ending stuff-purging project. Plenty of treasures left, so stop by next month- we’ve got at least two more studios and perhaps a few visiting vendors joining in on the fun! Put January 6th on your post-holiday calender now, return all those unwanted gifts to the store, and come get yourself some handmade and one-of-a-kind goodies instead… or just come have a brew (caffeinated or carbonated, we’re usually stocked with coffee and beer for guests) and enjoy some good company!

Ok… enough chatting. I’ve got a pile of free firewood on top of my front flowerbed and a chainsaw with my name on it, and only a few hours of daylight to go.

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