From the Fellow…

So, you know how in the “About us” page, I mention that the fellow may chime in from time to time?  He’s often a man of few words, but brewing (or sometimes, a few brews…) gets him going!  I’m looking forward to this chance to “take the show on the road” and brew in a different space… I’ve still got a lot to learn, so I’ll be taking notes!  Cheers…

“Hey Friends,
Sorry for the last minute invite to an artful event that we’ll be doing tomorrow from 6am to 2pm. 12/12/12

Yes, I will have coffee going.  Everyone is welcome to bring fermented
beverages to drink and share.

As part of the 24hours for 25days closing day of the New Capital gallery space located alley track side of 3114 carroll, I’ll be keeping the show going in the upstairs gallery with a live multi-split-batch-party-gyle brewtacular starting at 6am.  I’m supposed to be done and cleaned up by 2pm so that the next artist can setup their show.   I will be teaching whoever shows up what I know about brewing with the focus on growth and change via the brewing process and regeneration of yeast (and hopefully very minimal other singlecell monsters:)

Its the last day of New Capital officially hosting gallery hours and they have been open for the last 24days 24hours a day..with around the clock shows etc.  The general theme is transformation, rebirth and change.  Personally I haven’t had time to brew for the last 2mos or more and am looking fwd to it.

If you wanna bring anything to ferment as part of the interactive
growth of our exhibit, i have lots of yeast starters going and the
brews created tomorrow will be drank on new years day as part of a
follow up event at the gallery for the rebirth of the year.

Please feel free to come tomorrow even if you can’t make it during the 6-2 slot.  There will be lots of really fun things going on including an awesome people puppet alligator show around 7 (or 9?) and a big bonfire to warm the evening.

basically you stand on carroll looking at the tracks at the furthest
east part of the building and then walk north through a giant gate
when you are almost to the tracks you will see a bombed out loading
dock, and in that general corner area there are two doors, one pushes
open and one opens to a wall.  You’ll figure it out.  Bring a friend!”

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