spring fling


We’re having a little spring shindig at our place on Sunday evening… friends, check your inboxes, or if I don’t have your email, let me know and I’ll send along an invite! I’ll be posting images of various springtime and Easter traditions and deities over the next few days in honor of the occasion… we’ll have a little lamb cake of course, hare stew for Freyja, Eostre eggs for Eostre, and candy from… the Easter Witch?

So, in Sweden, there are Easter Witches. Nowadays, they bring candy and eggs… but traditionally, they must have brought bad juju as well, hence the tradition (shared by many cultures for various reasons) of lighting a bonfire to keep them at bay. I think my new green-striped skirt from the Finder Thing’s thrifted collection will be just the thing for the bottom half of my Easter Witch costume… and how appropriate that I “bought” this skirt with the promise of two dozen future eggs? I think perfect. One carton is ready for you, M. dearie… I’ll bring them by soon or you can pick them up on Sunday. Our Easter Egger is back in business, so they’re even colorful!

More on the Easter witches here

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