Eostre eggs for all!


“In order to understand anything about the Goddess Eostre (or the Goddess or Goddesses worshiped at that time) we must draw on the traditions associated with the holy tide. Grimm in his Teutonic Mythology maintained that “Ostara, Eástre, was goddess of the growing light of spring.” The date of the holy tide would make this a reasonable conclusion. Holy water in the form of the dew or water collected from brooks was gathered at this time. Washing with it was said to restore youth. Beautiful maidens in sheer white were said to seen frolicking in the country side. Also according to Grimm, the white maiden of Osterrode, was said to appear with a large batch of keys at her belt, and stride to the brook to collect water on Easter morning. Cross buns were of course baked and eaten. While this could be a Christian addition, that cakes were often use in Heathen rites is apparent in any survey of the lore. And the cross may be symbolic of the rune Gebo or the buns may represent the sun wheel. Easter eggs seem to go fairly far back in both English and continental celebrations, and of course symbolize the beginning of new life. The hare also known for its fertility appears fairly early in Easter celebrations. Bonfires and vigils also seemed to play a role in many Easter rites.”
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I’m making hot cross buns for Sunday because they’re delicious, and I have icing burnin’ a hole in my fridge that will be perfect for it. You guys can fight about the details. And eggs! Lots of eggs! And lamb cake! And rabbit stew! Oh, I do love a good party… now if I could only clone myself so that one of me could stay home and cook, one could work on the house, one could start the garden, one could go to work and work… and maybe one could be napping and eating ice cream just to even things out.

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  1. omar

    very informative! so, the cross is older than christianity! gets me thinking of how a cross is like spokes int the wheel of life moving forward, welcoming spring. hope you had a happy eostre (sounds kind of like estrous, which is another eggcelebration)


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