pickle me this


I’ve been on a preserved lemon kick lately. I made a big batch of them two years ago, and mostly they sat there (albeit getting mellower, softer, and tangier all the while) waiting for me to get in the mood. Now I am. I’ve been putting them on and in everything! So much so, that I’m down to a precious pint of them. I’ve started another batch but it could be weeks before they’re edible, or months even before they’re really good (fermentation happens faster at warmer temperatures, which have been pretty scarce around our house this spring. I’m just glad we’re out of wood-heat season!). Oh, patience. Making them is so easy- wash, slice and salt your citrus, pack them into sterilized jars, top up with more juice if needed, and you’re done. Time, and microbe magic, does the rest.

While I was in my salty-citrus puttin’ up mode, I took advantage of a fantastic sale on limes and decided to try my hand at some spicy lime pickles as well. They look gorgeous, and are almost edible. Time will mellow them, and lend complexity to their sharp spicy tang… and I can’t wait to heap these on curries, rice, and every other thing.




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