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I’ll be off-line for a week starting Sunday, folks. Going home to visit my mom and gram. Looking forward to some family time and farm quiet. Maybe spend a night in the camper out at the lake, and the rest of the visit catching up with my mom, seeing all the work they’ve put into their place- mom has a root cellar since I last saw her, and a re-done kitchen and laundry room, among other things. Hopefully it’s just chilly enough for a fire in the basement den hearth? Looking forward to the long train ride, reading, and writing, and momma’s fried chicken. And ack, driving lessons. That’s right. I learned when I was 15 but never got a license, and haven’t practiced in a loooooong time (oh, about as many years as I was old then practically, aside from 3 hours on a road trip to Austin many moons ago…). I kind of hate the idea, kind of love it. We’ll see how it goes. I so hate not being able to do things, and especially not being able to do them well. However, this cartoon pretty much sums up my feelings about piloting vehicular transport that is not human-powered:

Small Steps (Bikeyface)

At least that means next time Mz. Dogface might have a chance to come along for the ride- no dogs on the train, folks. Luckily the fella has agreed to spend some quality time with Smella Bella. Gonna miss that dog. I wish there were a way to tell her in dog-language that I’d be coming back soon… when he watched her the other night she fell asleep in front of the door, hoping I’d come home… oh, heartbreaker. Luckily by morning she’d moved to her cozy couch… not all rocks for brains, that pup.

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  1. I remember that trip down here. We should do it again sometime for good measure. 🙂 Been thinking of you lately, hope everything’s going to get better.

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