Autumnal Equinox, Birthday, BBQ, and Bonfire

This past weekend we asked many of our friends and neighbors to gather and celebrate with us… “Bring something to share and toss some sticks on the fire to welcome the fall and help me celebrate yet another year on Earth. We’ll have some beer and put meat and veggies on the grills, and generally make merry. Friends/lovers, nice dogs, and house-broken children welcome. Oh, hell, bring the baby too. 🙂

My almanac for the day says “Mabon, The middle of harvest, a time of equal day and equal night, and for the moment nature is in balance. Reap what you have sown, finish up old projects and plans and planting the seeds for new enterprises or a change in lifestyle.” (The Greenhorns New Farmer’s Almanac… I have a couple copies left to sell if anyone wants one- late in the year for an almanac, I know, but the articles are great).

Hm. Sounds like a party to me! And we have some new enterprises up our sleeves and hope that you’ll come share in our future plans, both grand and simple.”

We were so glad to gather together with old friends and a few new ones… thank you all for making my birthday, and every day, so special! If we missed you, or you missed the (albeit last-minute) invite, apologies, and hope to see you at the next one. I’m working on a better email list- gmail’s email widget is not the best way to communicate en-masse… suggestions welcome! We’ve got a lot of plans for this next year and hope that no one misses out on sharing the adventure with us!

Thank you all for the smiles, aquavit, beers, cupcakes (oh, the cupcakes), snacks, pies, dog treats, books, scarves, bottles of wine, herbal tea and spices, oak logs for the fire, childrens’ laughter and a million puppy tail (or tail-less, as the case may be) wiggles and all the other ways you made my day! We love you all!
“We give this party two mangled manly-man thumbs up (one chainsaw and one construction injury, two tough guys)!”


My little man with a BIG stick.


“Mom says this maple sapling was for her future teepee, but I say it’s MINE.  The children gave it to me and you can’t have it back.”  Ok, guy, all yours.  More where that came from…

Hugs from my main man… I love you fella!


And adoring glances from my sweet little man… we love you too, guy!

China, B, Monster, and Janus…

Beautiful B, her familiar, China, and little Monster, looking perfect.

Zombie. Dust. Godly dogs. Contented guests.

Big dogs, sleepy men, no lies. Zzzzzz…. and good night!

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