mycology mash-up


This cool rainy finally-fall weather has been very fruitful… for mushrooms! We feasted on some shaggy manes in our eggy breakfast sandwiches the other day that we found in a grassy lot near our house… and then I found these.

Finally! The King Stropharia patch I “seeded” last fall and was worried didn’t take apparently did. I’m going to feed it more wood chips this week to encourage a bigger flush next year, and made spore prints and stem butt cardboard spawn with these guys, then dunked them to make a spore slurry which I sprinkled copiously around the massive wood-chip piles and pathways of our yard. Mycomaximize!

More importantly, that spawn, plus some golden and blue oyster spawn that I’m bulking up from dowels and prints will be used to make more dowel spawn to inoculate wood-chip-filled burlap bags in the spring. We’ll use these “bunker bags” to build up raised beds both in the yard and the new lots we’re working to acquire. We’ll hopefully get a few crops of mushrooms, but more importantly, will get healthier plants and soil as the mycelium run through the deep wood chips we build our garden beds and hugelkulture mounds on top of and out of. Win, win! The Buddah approves.


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