Porch panther


Panther sighting this morning … lock up the chickens! 

Just kidding.  It’s a starving pitbull puppy that followed the fella down our alley this morning (actually,  chicken caution is probably due anyway… ha).  He asked it if it wanted to come in, opened our gate and he ran right it. He called me from work to tell me we have a new dog. He has a collar (ironically with cartoon skeleton faces on it … he’s so emaciated he looks like one himself)… but no tags, and if he hasnt been a stray for awhile whoever was his “owner” isn’t getting him back. Poor guy… or rather, lucky guy for finding us. He’s all bones and waggy tail… he can stay, for now at least … we’ll fatten him up and teach him some manners… hopefully he and Zeus will hit it off… Zoo is not too thrilled right now that there’s a stranger on his porch eating his groceries. 

Meet Loki!

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