tom and jerry time



So I realized I didn’t drink any eggnog this season.  How did I let this happen?  While searching for recipes on line for that, and for hot buttered rum (as some friends made a tasty nightcap of those to our Dickensian Christmas Eve dinner), I came across this instead.  I remember seeing Tom and Jerry batter in the grocery stores in North Dakota the few times we spent the holidays up there, and asking my mom what it was… she said they were good, but we never made them… thought is was worth a try since I had plenty of fresh eggs on hand.


The batter… mostly used this recipe, though I added all the sugar once the whites were starting to get some loft, and beat it into a stiff glossy meringue before folding in the yolks and other ingredients.  Seems to be holding together really well… put a healthy dollop in a glass, poured on some hot water and a splash of whiskey, gave it a stir and grated some fresh nutmeg on top.  Delicious!  Only “problem”- this recipe makes a lot.  Who wants to come over tonight and help me drink a few and rearrange furniture?


Luckily, it’s also really good in coffee.  Don’t worry, I left out the booze for the breakfast drink… though that would be tasty too.


Fifty degrees outside!  The bees are busy, bringing out their dead and taking care of their bee business before the mercury plummets again.  And so should I be!  Lots of stuff to move, and daylight’s a burnin’… I’ve got Bobby Blue Bland on the stereo, potatoes, onion, and pork belly frying in an iron skillet, and lots of work to do.  Enjoy the sunshine everyone…

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