happy new year!

Closed out the old year by checking off one neglected project off the list- finally bottling that wildberry wine that’s been wanting attention for, oh, way too long.  As usual, the thing I put off went relatively quickly and painlessly- a good reminder to just do it already!

IMG_20131231_155534 IMG_20131231_174236

Before and after…


Tart and tangy, but with a kick!

New Years Eve was bittersweet- spent the beginning with some neighbors, making veggie tacos, and then some doubles ping-pong (I’m terrible but it’s fun no less).  The fella brought Loki to the studio, and I took the crazy pup for a walk and let him romp with Zeus in the yard to get the two of them some much needed exercise, then each got a chicken leg for a New Year’s treat.  Back to the studio for some chinese takeout with the fella, as was always our tradition.  Then I rang in the New Year with a solo cup of champagne and a beer in the basement bunker of our neighbors at VK farm as fireworks and semi-automatics went off all over the west side, then when I deemed all the bullets had come down, called it a night and walked home for bed.  Had hoped to go up north to a friend’s party, but the weather just wasn’t conducive to that, and I’m trying to take it easy on myself as I’m still getting over being sick a couple days ago.

We’re getting our winter’s biggest snowfall for New Years… it’s gorgeous, although not the best moving weather… was hoping to get the rest of my stuff into the house today and tomorrow but will have to roll with the punches and drift with the snowdrifts, and focus on organizing what’s here and trying to get a toasty fire going.  Sounds terrible, I know.  Cheers everyone, and here’s hoping for good things in 2014!

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