why fret, why fume, why worry

The world lost a great man yesterday… godspeed in a hurry to those stars, sir.  You are already missed down here.

Despite the hellish cold (I’m agreeing with Dante here- there are most definitely frozen circles of Hades out there) Zeus and I are doing well.  I’m full, and sipping homemade rose hip wine.  I’ve turned up the heat… I’ll worry about the bill later.  Nothing crazy, still have two hoodies on… but cozy here under this wool hand-loomed lap quilt I found at the thrift store last winter from the Berea craft college in Kentucky.  I love it, and can’t imagine why anyone would have given it up, but perhaps they didn’t like jewel tones?  Or being warm?  At any rate, my gain.  I scrubbed out the claw-foot tub last night and took a long hot soak- just the thing to thaw the cold bones and sore muscles.

Anyway, I’ve been keeping busy- writing a ton (just not here), working, dancing… went swing dancing for the first time in probably five years on Saturday.  A couple old pals who heard I might come started placing dollar bets on whether or not I would show.  One got a taco dinner out of it.  One got to dance.  Win win!  I didn’t leave the floor for most of the night… which I paid for later (a six-am  charleston-induced charley-horse cramp in my right calf… on second thought, more likely swivel-induced, but whatever) but which was totally worth it.  Getting old sucks, but only if you let it stop you from doing the things you love.  Afterwards out for drinks and bar-bought tamales at The Green Eye with one new and one old friend.  “We only get one go-round on this earth…”.  True, and time enough to make the most of it.  Good times.  Very good.  I’ll be back, kids.  Saw a great show on Sunday afternoon and a bunch of folks I love… more on that later.  Highs of TWENTY TWO WHOLE DEGREES tomorrow, and a couple friends coming to dinner.  Good god, that’s tropical… good thing as I actually have to leave the house.   Good night folks, and enjoy it!

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