puppy love


Happy Valentine’s day, y’all. On this day, I’m lighting a birthday candle for dear Bella- no one knew her exact birthday, but her former family always celebrated her birthday on Valentine’s day, and I saw no reason to not continue the tradition. I miss you, crazy girl. I’m also forever grateful for this guy every day (seriously, could he get any more relaxed? Or adorable? Love. Him.)…
I’ll be spending the day babysitting my friend’s smiley little baby boy, who is cooing and bouncing and making kissy faces at me as I drink my coffee, and then picking up an extra shift at work in the evening. Afterwards, some jams at Cattington Station (maybe I’ll even get on the mike, who knows?) and hopefully enough hard-earned beauty sleep… Saturday is a busy day! Back to work again early, then have some surprises in store for the evening… I’m looking forward to it. Hope that you are all celebrating all the loves in your lives as well… cheers! And eat some chocolate, willya? If you’ve gotta get it for yourself, just remember that the first love is self- love… and it’s one you can count on.

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