AWSC V: A platonic valentine to Greece

I’m typing up the menu for this month’s supper club right now… which will be the second chapter of our Mediterranean tour. But first, a recap of the last event for those who missed it! Unfortunately I was so busy cooking that I *gasp* forgot to take pictures. Send them my way if you have any you’d like to share! Otherwise, use your mind’s eye only. It was good… and I can’t wait to share the next celebration of life and great food with you all at the end of March! We’re going to visit a French farmhouse. There will be chocolate and rose petals, pates and preserves, sweetbreads and oxtails, and plenty of herbivorous delights. Stay tuned!


Hello again, friends!

It’s been awhile in the making but we’re ready to kick off our wintertime Mediterranean culinary tour with the warmth of friendship and good food. The supper club has been on hiatus, rearranging and cozying up the space, and cooking up some mean and meaningful menus to bring to you all!

We’re starting our tour in Greece, and we’ll all close our eyes, shake off the cold, and pretend that the white sparkly stuff outside is beach sand, not snow. Hestia will warm us with a glowing fire in the woodstove, and we will embrace the spirit of filoxenia, the welcoming hospitality of the region that makes friends of strangers and a family of friends. Whether you are a storied supper club veteran or a first-time guest, all are invited to get cozy together at the cabin!

February is for lovers- and while eros is always welcome at our table, this night we will be feasting for philia, storge, and agape- for friendship, affection, and charity. Think of it as a platonic post-Valentine’s fete… Come celebrate the companionship and resiliency of spirit that carries us all through these dark days of endless winter. “He whom love touches not walks in darkness.” – Plato, The Symposium… let’s light up the night, y’all! Hope to see you there… seats are already going fast!

When: Thursday, February 20
6:30 meze/drinks, 7:30 soup, 8:00 main, 9:00 desserts- leave early or stay/join us late!


dolmathes grape leaves, rice, currants, pine nuts (v)
pita housemade whole wheat pita bread chips (v)
htipiti whipped feta, roasted peppers( v)
pasta elias kalamata olive tapenade (v)


fasolada white bean, tomato, carrot (v)


pastitsio pasta, bechamel, tomato, lamb, beef (v option)
spanokotyropita spinach, feta, phyllo (v)
fennel a la greque pickled fennel slaw (v)
roast potatoes with tzatziki lemon, oregano, yogurt, cucumber (v)


walnuts, clover honey (v)
persian lime ice cream by Extra Spoons

*The Alewyfe

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