AWSC VI: French Farmhouse

    AWSC VI- Mediterranean Tour Chapter II- French Farmhouse

View of a Farmhouse and an Orchard, France, 22 November 1916 Art.IWMART1625039
Spring is officially here, but winter is hanging on tenaciously with icy claws. We want hearty fare, but with a promise of the sweetness and light to come. To France, my friends! We crave comfort, and coddling, but with a light touch, and a heavy dose of cream. Come dine with us, and we will have chocolate and roses, herbivorous delights, and throat to tail cuisine, sweetmeats and sweetbreads, all straight from grand-mère’s kitchen. Enjoy gracefully rustic cuisine with us in an equally rustic setting, with bon amis and bon courage to see us through to the warmer days ahead!

Thursday, March 27
7:00 drinks and appetizers, 7:45 dinner. As always, come early, or join us late!

BYOB, RSVP, s’il te plaît


gougeres: cheese pate aux choux, salmon or artichoke mousse (v)
champignon pâté: River Valley ranch crimini mushroom pate (v)
pâté de campagne: rustic local pastured pork pate with house-cured maple bacon
compote de abricots et gingembre gingered apricot preserve (v)
pain de campagne: house-made Breslin Farm wheat sourdough (v)

tourin a la fromage: white onion soup with cheese (v)

ris de veau aux beurre noisette: sweetbreads, brown butter, capers, lemon
queue de boeuf aux cinq oignons: braised oxtails with onions
puree crème de artichaut et épinards au citron: buckwheat crepe, spinach, artichoke, lemon (v)
tourte a l’ chitrouille: savory pumpkin tart (v)

gâteau aux noix: walnut cake, Alewyfe rose mint jam (v)
rose crème glacée pétale: rose petal ice cream by our guest, Extra Spoons (v)
macarons, basil marshmallows, and nougat from the French Pastry School, prepared by another guest

mushroom pate mise
poaching sweetbreads
pate prep
Pork liver, panade, and seasonings


Pate de Campagne

Farm fresh eggs…


The morning after…

Oh, the aftermath! All worth it. Thanks to all who came for another great night! I’ll be posting the recap of Italy soon… awaiting another round of photos from another attendee, who tragically lost his great shots of this one in an epic sd card failure. Oh, technology! You are sometimes so fickle, and fallible.

And we’re going to Spain very soon, friends! Menu in the works, dinner in the third week of May most likely. Look for Saffron and Smoke ice cream by Extra Spoons, fresh smoked local pastured ham, white gazpacho, and more. Tick tock… tapas!

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