Mason-Jar Mornings

Fall is here… Time for hot cereal! I love oatmeal but don’t love anything which requires monitoring or measuring before I’ve had my coffee… And until yesterday I didn’t have a stove at my new house, just an electric kettle, toaster oven, and microwave, plus my trusty, tiny, Trangia. I also have a goodly portion of a 50# bag of oats in the pantry and more mason jars than I knew what to do with… Until now.  I made up a bunch of these, assembly-line style.


Bingo! Just add water and wait. So simple, even the fella can do it (to be fair, he does toast a mean bagel, which is part of why I’ve been getting fat…mmm, cream cheese sandwich, you are my delicious downfall). So now, when “the robot” (what I call his Keurig) finishes making our drinks, it can make breakfast too!

For each pint jar:
1 c. instant or quick oats
1 T. powdered milk
1-2 T. brown sugar, maple sugar, or sucanat
Plus any mix-ins in the variations below:
1-2 T. nuts (I used walnut pieces)
1/4-1/2 t. spices (these are pumpkin spice blend, to stay with the fall theme: cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice and clove)
1-2 T. dried fruit would be nice- apple bits, cranberries, raisins, or currants

Chocolate chips! Unsweetened coconut! Cocoa powder! Pecans! (German chocolate cake for breakfast, anyone?)

Add in 8-10 oz of boiling water and let stand covered for several minutes. If you used quick oats you may need to microwave for a minute or so unless you like your oats chewy… Which I do! 

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