Fresh lessons

Lunch? Or a lesson plan? Why not both? Parts of a plant, deliciously demonstrated… Roots- rainbow carrots, carrot-shaped radishes, and garlic. Stems- celery and broccoli stalks. Leaves-romaine lettuce and radish tops. Fruits- lemon, bell pepper, cucumber, avocado, tomato, snap peas… and olive oil!  And seeds? Chickpeas and tahini (sesame butter). I wish science were always…Continue Reading “Fresh lessons”

write on…

Rainer Maria Rilke, will you be my other boyfriend? Ok, so you’re kind of unavailable. It’s cool, so am I. We can just be pen pals… from the great beyond. See you at the next seance, sweetheart. And yes, I know things have been quiet over here… so many projects! Sit on your hands, kiddies……Continue Reading “write on…”