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Alewyfe Farm offers small-group workshops and private classes and consultation services, in your space or ours! Come and get hands-on instruction in brewing, cooking, canning, gardening, fermentation, food preservation, soapmaking, worm composting, and more! Email me at alewyfe(at)gmail.com for more information or to schedule a class. I have a BA in Culinary Arts, and have cooked in high-end restaurants, catering companies, and have studied and worked professionally with sustainable farming, food, and fermentation for years.

Below are some previous and possible class offerings, or tell us what you want to learn and we can put together a custom class for you!

Class pricing is subject to change (if you’d like to take a class but the cost is prohibitive, email me about sliding-scale or possible work-trade… trust us, we know what it’s like to be on a tight budget- perhaps we can work something out. 🙂

I will be adding new classes and experiences all the time, so check back often for updates, or tell  me what you’d like to learn!

Current Classes(offered by request, may be subject to seasonal availability):

Garden to Pantry: An intro to basic food preservation techniques. This class is an overview of the various methods to stock your larder! Freezing, canning, lacto-fermentation, and dehydration will be demystified as we demonstrate the techniques and equipment that have been used for hundreds of years to extend the shelf life of fresh food. You’ll roll up your sleeves and try it out, and take home lots of recipes to use at home!

Cran-Orange top left, apple cinnamon, front and center.
Apples to Applesauce: A basic introduction to the water-bath canning technique, we’ll process fresh local apples into delicious homemade applesauce using basic equipment you probably already have in your home kitchen! Participants will leave this hands-on class with a couple jars of their home-canned sauce, recipes, and the confidence to can fresh seasonal fruits safely and deliciously! Offered Fall-Winter only.

Tomato Toe-mah-toe: The summer edition of the water-bath canning class! We’ll pick, blanch, and can whole heirloom tomatoes fresh from the garden! You’ll leave with recipes for salsas and tomato sauces that are water-bath approved and delicious! Put ’em up, put ’em up… and enjoy summer’s bounty all year long! Offered Summer-Fall only.

Basic Brewing: Always wanted to brew your own beer but were intimidated by the process, gadgets, or those know-it-all dudes at your local brew shop? Fear not, if you can boil water, you can make extract-beer. For a small equipment investment and armed with a bit of knowledge, you can drink better, save money. develop your own recipes or just put your own twist on a kit beer. Because nothing beats saying to your friends… “Would you like a beer? I made it myself.”

I’ll walk you through a basic kit or extract-brewing session using simple equipment. There will be lots of time to answer your questions and even sample some homebrew! Allow 3-4 hours for this class…

$75, Brew-Demo Only for one to three people, hands-on. $30 per person for larger group classes (off-site only- more than three is a crowd at our studio on brew day- space is tight!).
$175, Make and Take class: brew demo for one to three people, then you get to pitch the yeast on the wort (don’t worry, that will make sense after the class) and take home a brand new fermentation bucket full of five gallons of future-beer and instructions for bottling it!

Intermediate Brewing: Partial-mash brewing class, coming soon!
Advanced Brewing: All-day, all-grain brewing boot camp. Coming soon!

Indoor Composting with Red Wiggler Worms: Build a worm bin with us that you get to take home fully stocked with a half-pound of composting worms and paper bedding, and see working worm bins in action. Ask any and all of your composting questions and get follow-up support!
$50 per class for singles, couples, or small groups (includes all materials for one worm bin; extra charge for multiple bins).

Soapmaking: Coming soon!

Fizz Fizz! Bath Bomb Workshop: Coming soon!

Our Daily Bread: Basic whole-grain baking, starting with freshly milled whole grains. We’ll demonstrate a hand grain mill, talk about different types of grains, and bake a no-knead and a standard loaf of wheat bread. You’ll go home with recipes and a loaf of your first home-made bread! $40 singles or couples. $25 each for three to five participants.

Home Dairy I: Yogurt and Ricotta Cheese: Coming soon!
Home Dairy II: Intro to Hard Cheeses: Coming soon!

The Vegan Dairy: Simple Soymilk, Tofu, and Okara: coming soon!

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