It’s Throwback Thursday… or Truth Be Told? Either way, it’s a beautiful day. Crisp, but the sky is a clear and cheerful robin’s egg instead of the bottom of a bucket of grey mopwater that we’ve been staring up into for days. ┬áThe birds are out, and I’ve been up since 7:30. ┬áBut not this…Continue Reading “TBT”


True, true. My boss and some of his friends have pennyfarthings and ride them in parades and critical mass rides… but even I’m not that brave. “Safety bike” or not, I’ll keep the teeth I have left. But I’m not hatin’… looks like this guys having fun! Rubber-side down, kids. It’s getting slick out there……Continue Reading “word.”

48 hours

Two days in the life last week, by the numbers: 48 hours. 13 sleeping. 10.5 at work. More time from home reading, writing, and answering emails. 4 hours on my bike (28 miles). 7 or more hours shoveling wood chip mulch after work (a truckload or two at least? The pile has sort of mushed…Continue Reading “48 hours”

Look Sharp

Thursday evening, and as the last day’s light was waning I was towing a red kiddie trailer home (aka, The Crap Wagon as it hauls recycling, groceries, farm stuff, and soaps and sundries to market with admirable aplomb for its $20 Maxwell St. lineage). I was huffing into a headwind, heavily loaded for the seven-mile…Continue Reading “Look Sharp”