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stop and smell the roses


IMG_20131115_153744I was trying to get a picture of these roses still blooming in our late November garden, but Zeus had other ideas… they’re pretty and apparently also delicious.  He came over for a sniff, then
very delicatly snatched it from my hand and proceeded to maul it, plucking petals and strewing them about.  I suppose I enjoy rose tea or jam myself… 
Here’s take two… the bright side of climate change!  No need to move back to the south. I can stay put and wait while it comes to me.
Hey, I’m trying to be an optimist here!

Ghosts of America | Luis Alberto Urrea | Orion Magazine



Ghosts of America | Luis Alberto Urrea | Orion Magazine.

I just read this Orion article, by a UIC professor. It’s a pictorial landscape, a word snapshot of a road-trip across last summer’s drought-scape. A good read, or there’s an audio version if you want the author to read it to you!