candy break

Enough heavy stuff.  Who wants candy! (all raise hands) Anti-Hero Caramels with Himalayan Pink Salt, to be exact… I take commissions.  Bring me your favourite beer and I’ll make it into candy.  Noms!  Or, you know, we could just drink it.  It’s all good.

AWSC IV: Thai Benefit for The Plant and Alewyfe Potager

Tom Kha Gai- coconut chicken soup Spring Rolls- fresh greens, pickled vegetables, noodles (v) Bahn Mi Sliders- pork belly or house-made tofu (v) with pickled vegetables Kaeng Phet Het- red curry red kuri squash, mushrooms, and tofu (v) Kaeng Khiao Wan- green curry tilapia Khao Tom Mat- black sticky rice and pear steamed in banana…Continue Reading “AWSC IV: Thai Benefit for The Plant and Alewyfe Potager”