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stop and smell the roses


IMG_20131115_153744I was trying to get a picture of these roses still blooming in our late November garden, but Zeus had other ideas… they’re pretty and apparently also delicious.  He came over for a sniff, then
very delicatly snatched it from my hand and proceeded to maul it, plucking petals and strewing them about.  I suppose I enjoy rose tea or jam myself… 
Here’s take two… the bright side of climate change!  No need to move back to the south. I can stay put and wait while it comes to me.
Hey, I’m trying to be an optimist here!

Winter roots


A portion of the homestead sunchoke haul. Dug half now, and then replaced them with a four year old 15 ft rosebush, Madame Pierre Oger, along the front iron fence where she can sprawl gracefully with a bit of support. She’d outgrown her previous spot and now has room to grow.   Looks like she’s been there all along.  Still have another bed of ‘chokes to dig in the spring… something to look forward to!