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kedzie stop… sunday SUNDAY sunday


It’s a good time, y’all! We’ll be there, with soap, honey, preserves, and maybe even cupcakes? Maple-whiskey AND chocolate-porter if I bust ’em out tonight… and next month (if not sooner)… gringa loca tamales! Pheasant mole? Rabbit and caramelized onion? Mushroom and kale? Pulled pork and pumpkin? I know, crazy. If you mean, crazy good!

The fella has been down the the flu and has required much tending, but hopefully after all the spicy miso soup, emergen-c, and rest will be right as rain by tomorrow… we’re both looking forward to another installment of the market!

spoons and the story of stuff

from The Story of Stuff

Word. That’s why I only use spoons locally hand carved from wood harvested with a handsaw from urban invasive species trees and then delivered to me by bicycle. And I don’t wash them, just wipe them off after use on the hem of my shirt because we’re in a drought. Just kidding. Though, I do know a guy who makes said spoons so it’s theoretically possible…