on love, loss, and living: scenes from a hopeful past

Prelude. “He comes to you and you are a white door full of bright light to be stepped through, open to him always, and illuminated. With him, you glow, shimmer and shine before your eyes through the dark and the breathing.” 11/25/08 “First snowfall yesterday morning- Sunday sleet stuck around, and became an overnight blizzard….Continue Reading “on love, loss, and living: scenes from a hopeful past”

dead air

Where’d we go? Explainations forthcoming. Spring is in the air, the egg avalanche continues, seeds are planted and many more want planting. Planted seeds want watering. Coops need cleaning. Dogs walking. Sunshine to bask in. Budgets to reconcile. A house and a two-flat to remodel… more on that later. A studio full of crap treasure…Continue Reading “dead air”

snow day!

It finally looks like winter, for real out there- we got a couple inches of white stuff this morning to dust off the single digit and teens temps we’ve been “enjoying” this past week. I must say, I’m enjoying the change of scenery! After a fair number of dismal gray days, the bright sparkle was…Continue Reading “snow day!”