candy break

Enough heavy stuff.  Who wants candy! (all raise hands) Anti-Hero Caramels with Himalayan Pink Salt, to be exact… I take commissions.  Bring me your favourite beer and I’ll make it into candy.  Noms!  Or, you know, we could just drink it.  It’s all good.

Fermentation, Transformation, and Retreat I like this idea… but don’t like buying stuff when I can alter something I already have to do the trick. I’ll post pics of the experiment when my camera is back online (I’ve recently been hit with a double-whammy technology mutiny of laptop-meltdown and camera-on-strike… hopefully a new battery will bring the camera…Continue Reading “Fermentation, Transformation, and Retreat”

snow apples

Yes, I know it’s fifty degrees out and there are snowdrops blooming. It’s still January (and that’s weird, though I’m not complaining, but a little confused)… so let’s just pretend there’s a blanket of snow on that barren ground out there. It will be back, I promise. We still have a little less than half…Continue Reading “snow apples”