all washed up…

But you know, in a good way. I need to make new batches of both of these soaps… they’re some of my favorites! Ok, ok, they’re all my favorites. But I do really like these two.

full clutch

Ok, time to pack it up here, head to the studio, and make soap! I’ve been scheming on a new recipe for awhile and it’s time to jump in and do it… coming soon… Treehugger! A blend of spruces, pine, a touch of patchouli, tea tree, spice, and other woodsy goodness, speckled with blue spruce…Continue Reading “full clutch”

Pinocchio the Aubergine

He totally just grew that way. Grin and all. Ok. Ok, I fess up (lest I sprout a Cyranno-like schnoz-protuberance of my own). I carved the face. The nose was all nature’s work though. Got any garden oddities of your own to share?

WI redux

The night in Wisconsin was much needed. We survived the trip up, man, girl, and too-big dog in the tiny hybrid… no small feat given that the man, while he has grown to begrudgingly love the dog (when she’s being good), is not a “dog person” and Bella of course spent half the trip with…Continue Reading “WI redux”

spring peepers

Happy Easter everyone! We just picked up our first chicks- two Ameraucanas (Easter Eggers… how fitting!), a Golden Laced Wyandotte, a California White Leghorn (will be white with black polka dots and lay large white eggs like a mo-fo), and a Red Star… ditto like the Leghorn but brown eggs. Should give us a nice…Continue Reading “spring peepers”