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AWSC IV: Thai Benefit for The Plant and Alewyfe Potager

Tom Kha Gai- coconut chicken soup
Spring Rolls- fresh greens, pickled vegetables, noodles (v)
Bahn Mi Sliders- pork belly or house-made tofu (v) with pickled vegetables
Kaeng Phet Het- red curry red kuri squash, mushrooms, and tofu (v)
Kaeng Khiao Wan- green curry tilapia
Khao Tom Mat- black sticky rice and pear steamed in banana leaf (v)
Aisa-Khrim Ka-thi- cardamom-scented coconut milk ice cream (v)

Farms: The Plant (Chicago), Alewyfe Urban Potager (Chicago), VK Urban Farm (our neighbors, who make a smokin’ Bhut Jalokia HOT sauce, among other things), Ted’s Organic Grains (Dekalb, IL), Breslin Farms (Ottawa, IL), Kallas Honey Farm (Milwaukee, WI), Growing Power (Chicago), Ellis Family Farms (Benton Harbor, MI), and more!


Tom Kha soup
wpid-IMG_20131215_124557.jpg            wpid-IMG_20131215_164124.jpg

soon-to-be pickled vegetables and spring roll assembly

spring roll sushi with homemade peanut sauce and garlic chive oil

wpid-IMG_20131215_154142.jpg        wpid-IMG_20131215_134000.jpg

prepping the mushroom and squash curry… wish I got some pics of the finished dish, it was a party favorite!

Homemade sauces- Peanut sauce, green curry paste, red curry paste.  Home-grown fresh lemongrass and thai peppers from the potager!
wpid-IMG_20131214_232438.jpg           wpid-IMG_20131215_134429.jpg

Whole pork belly, before and after braising for 10 or so hours in a slow and low oven with rice wine, Revolution beer, pork stock, soy sauce, mirepoix and five spice.  So. Good.

Steamed banana packets of forbidden rice with pear, cocoa, coriander and ginger.

  DSC_0510     DSC_0517

The calm of the rustic dining room and chaos of the kitchen.  Currently seeking a new dishwasher and maitre d… the last one quit.  So to speak… it’s a long story, but not for here.  Look for the book in a few years when I’ve had time to mull it over (credit for these last two great shots to our good buddy and hopefully future neighbor, Chuck. Let me know if you want your full name in the credit… ).

Lots of changes in store for the new year, but fear not, friends… supper club shall continue!  Hometown pals- let me know if I’ve overlooked you in the guest list (lots of folks I’m sure- still perfecting that ever-evolving perfect contact list) and I’ll make sure you’re invited to the next one.  Thank you all for your company and support thus far- looking forward to new and better things to come!  Much love and happy holidaze!


The Alewyfe

supper club late fall edition

This one was a special edition to celebrate the 50th birthday of our friend and neighbor. Surprise!  He was… when he walked into a room full of his friends and family instead of the usual supper club crew. What fun!

Sunchoke and dragon carrot soup, garlic chive oil
Winter salad, vk farm chevre
Garlic smashed potatoes with wild mushroom ragout
Smoked brisket or beets with fresh horseradish cream
Sorgum, buckwheat honey, and beer baked beans
Cranberry apple walnut tart, multigrain crust

featured farms: Alewyfe Urban Potager, VK Urban Farm, The Plant, Breslin Farms, Ted’s Organic Grains, Kallas Honey Farm, Ellis Family Farm


Back to the roots… all from the backyard potager. Horseradish, sunchokes, and dragon carrots.


Revelry and photobombing in the kitchen …a guest and my talented sous chef for the evening, Officer VK carving up the brisket.  He also whipped up the horseradish cream sauce, vinaigrette for the salad, his house-cured canadian bacon and holiday sausages as apps, and brought a hot-off-the-presses bottle of his mustard bbq sauce. Thanks papa! Can’t wait for your food network debut… we’ll cheer you on, but only if we can come watch on your couch. Or I suppose it will be online eventually? Our tv only plays dvds. Or vhs…
Lady VK was equally indispensable bringing her fresh goat chevre, pesto, jams, crackers, and mixing up some mean Manhattans. We * heart* you guys so much! Seriously. Thanks for the help, and thanks to all who came to celebrate with us! See you next time…

southern soul sunday supper

Look out, our roots are showing! Another successful farm dinner… thanks as always to those who dined with us!

*Fried Green Alewyfe Garden Tomatoes (v)
*Goat Mac n Cheese (v)
*Red Beans and Rice (v)
*Chicken and Sausage Gumbo (VK Farm Andouille)
*Buttermilk Biscuits, Skillet-Sizzled Stone-ground Cornbread, Alewyfe Jams (v)
*Mama’s French Apple Pie with Breslin Wheat Crust (v)
*Iced or Hot Tea with Alewyfe Herbs

don’t mind if I do!
mmm… toasty. a few more hues to go…
grinding corn from Ted’s Organic Grains in Dekalb…
pie cubed
das streusel
ready for the oven!
Revolution beer, Old Bay, mac n cheese, some fried things, and a well-flowered cutting board. Recipe for a delicious beginning to a delicious evening!
the late night crew… keeping it lively!

See y’all next time!