“Don’t cook produce from The Plant”
our celebrity salad...
our celebrity salad…

“Don’t cook produce from The Plant”

Don’t be fooled by the title of the article… Mike Sula (Chicago food-writer) loves our salad!  My farmer heart is all swelled up with pride.  Now time to get to work!  We’ve been selling out for the past month or so… thank for all the support, Logan Square market customers!  Your purchases go a long way towards keeping this not-for-profit, teaching and research aquaponics farm afloat (and keeping me in a day job, so I can spend my “free time” working on our house, making soap and writing about our homesteady-adventures here… instead of slingin’ hash browns in some brunch joint trying to keep the lights on…)

oh my mayo

Ever wonder what about 45 or so pounds of potato salad looks like? Kinda like that. For reference… that bowl is about 3 feet in diameter. I really had to fight the urge to climb in and roll around for a bit… I love potato salad. I really do. Mixing and scooping that will give…Continue Reading “oh my mayo”

fat tuesday

Happy Mardi Gras y’all! I made two king cakes, one for The Plant, and one for our homebrew club meeting tonight, and big pots of chicken and sausage and vegan gumbos for staff/volunteer lunch today… there’s plenty more gumbo (king cake is only for the quick) so come volunteer Thursday and get a tasty Nawlin’s…Continue Reading “fat tuesday”