2013 hop harvest- mostly Zeus, a few Fuggles:
beeryeast Our little friends… Saccharomyces cerevisiae. They’re actually the ones that do all the hard work of making beer- brewers just cook them up a tasty barley tea full of natural sugars and they, plus time and temperature, do the rest.  Of course, there’s a lot of art in what kind of barley tea (“wort”), adjuncts, flavorings, water chemistry, yeast strain, temperature manipulation and more that let you turn this ancient crapshoot of delicious alchemy into a science.


This page a work in progress! Till then, enjoy these shots from the blooper reel from bygone brew-days: Unto every brewday, some wort must fall… but luckily usually not this much:

Oh, wasted wort, that would be beer… we are once again sorry.
Really quite beautiful, actually…
Except… it looks a wee bit like a murder scene, no?
Hide the evidence! Strategy? Slide the carboy clear, then swab the deck. Rinse. Repeat. The next morning, curse sticky feet.


Das Brewhaus

2 thoughts on “Brewing

    1. Well, you know. Mishaps. Mayhem. Probably drinking. Truth told, those are vintage pics. We NEVER spill now. And I cannot tell a lie… that’s not true… but those were epic!

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